Reykjanes, Iceland


Series on the continental drift
Since 2013

The continents and therefore the ground under our feet are permanently moving. In Iceland, I worked with the traces of this activity.

Seyðisfjörður, Iceland

mountain print

Series on mountain reliefs
Since 2014

In mountain reliefs, I search for the traces of movements that build and steadily erode a mountain range.

Farrera, Spain

dancing dough

Series on landscape and body
since 2014

Our world is made of matter packed with energy and in continual flux. In an infinite number of ways, these properties are at the origin of all forms, for example mountains and living beings.

Sketch, series 'aha', Osnabrück


Series on the river Hase and the Hasestraße in Osnabrück
Since 2015

Can the line of a river course be folded into a street? I have made the attempt in the Hasestraße in Osnabrück.

Andenes, Northern Norway

light from the north

Series on Earth’s rotation
2007 - 2011

In the small coastal town of Andenes at 69 degrees latitude in northern Norway, I followed the traces of shadow lines in drawing during the midnight sun.

Stienitzsee, Rüdersdorf


Series on ephemeral movements
Since 2013

I want to capture ephemeral movements in drawing and am developing my own method for this.

Kloster St. Marienberg, Helmstedt

Crowd Crystals

Works on Kloster St. Marienberg and Helmstedt
2005 - 2006

My tomcat Sindbad and I lived for nine months in the St. Marienberg monastery in Helmstedt, on the former inner-German border.

Pattern tailoring


Multiple and Performance on the Plane Surface and the Body

How can a surface plane fit around the body? I incise textiles laid out in basic geometric shapes in such a manner that the body can move in and through the surface plane.

Steel cable sculpture


Crocheted sculptures
Since 1999

How does a surface plane adapt in space? By means of specially developed crochet patterns I let surfaces sprawl and unfold spatially.

Pile, fallen

fold, stack, roll, heap

Series with 200 removal blankets
2000 - 2002

How does a textile surface plane fit into space? Using 200 removal blankets I playfully develop three-dimensional options and participatory arrangements