Series about continental drift
Since 2013

The continents and thus the ground beneath our feet move incessantly. In Iceland I work with traces of such events.

Seyðisfjörður, Iceland

mountain print

Series on mountain reliefs
Since 2014

On the mountain relief, I search for the traces of the movements that bring a mountain into being and constantly erode it.

Farrera, Spain

dancing dough and circumstances

Series on rock formations
Since 2014

When continental plates collide, folded mountains like the Pyrenees are formed. I follow these mighty events blindly drawing in the mountains.

Sketch, series 'aha', Osnabrück


Series on the river Hase and the Osnabrücker Hasestraße
since 2015

Can you fold a river line into a street? In the Osnabrücker Hasestraße I have made the experiment.

Andenes, Northern Norway

light from the north

Series on earth rotation
2007 - 2011

Kloster St. Marienberg, Helmstedt

Crowd Crystals

Works on the monastery St. Marienberg and Helmstedt
2005 to 2006

My cat Sindbad and I lived for a three quarters year in the monastery St. Marienberg in Helmstedt at the former inner-German border.

Pattern schneiderei / tailoring

schneiderei / tailoring

Multiple and performance about surface and body

Generally, an expanse of cloth is cut up into individual pieces and made into an item of clothing by means of seams, which in their turn define the room for movement available to the body. I have reduced the work on the fabric to basic geometric forms and cuts, in and through which the body is able to move.

Steel cable sculpture


Crocheted sculptures
since 1999

Pile, fallen

folding piling stacking rolling

Series with 200 moving blankets
since 2000