Fieldwork in Grindavik, Iceland

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Since the beginning of September I am back in Iceland and work on the peninsula Reykjanes near Grindavik on the mid-Atlantic ridge. Fortunately the weather is much better than during my stay in May!

Some impressions of my work with frottage and impressions and a view out of the window of the fishing canteen, where I often had lunch among fishermen and dock workers:

Fieldwork on the Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland

Some impressions of my fieldwork from last week, end of May 2018, on the Reykjanes Peninsula between water and land: Impression at the Atlantic Ocean at the bridge between the continents and Frottage near Grindavik.

Thanks to my dear friends Dina, Ela and Sabine for their help!

At the end of the month it turned out that it was the wettest May in Iceland in the last hundred years!