onetoone (18) Oliver Thie ‘Schattenlese’

Oliver Thie

15.01. – 30.04.2022
Talk by Dr. Özgür Cizer, archaeobotanist, University of Tübingen, with Oliver Thie on 23 April 2022 at 5pm.

Soot and shellac on wall

Oliver Thie uses drawing strategies to research natural phenomena. In cooperation projects with scientists, he expands imaging processes and makes invisible phenomena perceptible.

“With ‘Schattenlese’ (Shadow Reading), I investigate the surprising diversity of oatmeal, which is usually lost in the masses. Crushing seeds by hand, perhaps the most archaic way of preparing plant food, brought me into contact with archaeobotanical practices. Following this, I begin to sort my flakes according to common characteristics. A projector replaces the microscope. I study the enlarged silhouettes by tracing them on the wall with soot dust.”

Edition scheme: Breakdown of the wall piece in 258 single cards in a 1:1 scale
Individual card no. 255

onetoone – Art at the Røyal Bakery is a project by Kati Gausmann.