About ‘dancing dough and circumstances III’

A human being can also be seen as a dough, shaped by specific circumstances like cultural, social, physical, mental, climatic … conditions as well as global and universal rhythms. They are intrinsic to our human experience. None of us can e.g. feel the speed of our moved and moving planet.

I like the image that we can not compass ourselves. This implicates that we can never say what we are, seen from everywhere. Actually, we know too little about our species to even decsribe ourselfs intellectual. Bordieu comes back to my mind and his idea of ‘social sense’ and ‘Habitus’. Quoting Bordieu:
“Was der Leib gelernt hat, das besitzt man nicht wie ein wiederbetrachtbares Wissen, sondern das ist man.“

I envision us being able to recognize and to respond to hidden natural phenomena if they come to the limits of our perception. This is associated with the idea of „Resonanz“ like Hartmut Rosa enfolded it in his book of the same name.
I envision us being part of a universal system of life, one species of countless many, in infinite space and time as well as concrete self in concrete communities.

In my artistic practice, I wish to follow these visions.