About ‘dancing dough and circumstances’ I

My new project is called ‘dancing dough and circumstances’. It includes past and future series of works in which I work on movements of the earth.

‘Monument to the Earth II’ – drawing of a chalk line of loosely hanging hand on Bjólfurin Mount parallel to the ground about 102 m above sea level, Seydisfjördur, Iceland, 2014.

I am a sculptor and, using various materials, I explore the way that form evolves from  movement.

I am fascinated by the way that rock is moved by natural forces over different periods of time, e.g. the world’s turning on its axis and around the sun in the rhythm of the day or the year respectively, or the drift of the continental plates over millions of years. I am fascinated by how rock is formed and what movements come about during this, like the upthrust of mountains as well as their constant erosion due to the movements of wind and water.

The movements may be slow, quick, continual, jerky, soft, rough. These patterns of movement seem to me like dances, physical-chemical choreographies, which appear quite light despite their inconceivable dimensions, and which I would like to trace in drawing. The earth, its rock seems to me like a dough that forms in movement, and is formed by movements, dancing, a dancing dough with its own temporal beat and rhythm in the varying climatic circumstances in each case.